Children’s Ministry (HIZKIDZ)

Welcome to HIZKIDZ Children’s Ministry at Great Commission Ministries! Led by Pastor Heidi McKenzie, our mission is to lovingly teach each child about the Gospel and help equip them with the spiritual tools they need to grow, live, and thrive in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Programs

Our Children’s Ministry is segmented into age-specific classes to provide tailored spiritual education and activities:

  • Nursery (Birth through 2 years)
  • 2-Year Class
  • 3 and 4-Year Old Pre-school Class
  • Kindergarten through 5th Grade

Service Time

Join us every Sunday Morning at 10 am for a time of praise, worship, and age-specific Bible lessons. Each session is designed to be engaging, fun, and spiritually enriching for our young believers.

Safety Measures

The safety of your child is our utmost priority. Here’s how we ensure a safe and secure environment:

  • Each child is checked in at our central check-in area and given a name tag with a number that matches the parent’s tag. We will only release the child to that parent.
  • In case we need to contact a parent during the service, we will display the number on our Main Sanctuary screen.
  • Each area of our Children’s Ministry is equipped with security cameras that are always monitored by the security team.
  • All team members are required to undergo a background check prior to serving.

Investors in Faith

Our ministry is fully staffed with dedicated Investors who are passionate about caring for and sharing the Gospel with children. They are committed to creating a loving and nurturing environment where each child can grow in faith and knowledge.

We invite you to bring your children to HIZKIDZ Children’s Ministry and allow them to be part of a loving community where they can learn about God’s love, build lasting friendships, and grow in faith.