Letter from the Pastor

Dear Beloved,

I am overjoyed to welcome you to Great Commission Ministries—a place of love, spiritual nourishment, and divine fellowship. From our humble beginnings in 1998, we’ve blossomed into a vibrant and diverse community, united in our love for Jesus Christ and our pursuit of His Word and wisdom.

At Great Commission Ministries, you will discover a family bound by the love of Christ, earnest in worship, and grounded in the Holy Scriptures. Our vision has always been to create a safe haven for all, a place where the Word of God is the cornerstone, and His love the binding force. Here, you are not just a member, but a cherished part of a family that grows together in faith and love.

Our journey, from what was fondly known as “The Shed” to the thriving multicultural community we are today, is a beautiful testimony of God’s unfailing grace and the transformative power of faith. My wife, Sabrina, and I, along with the wonderful family of Great Commission Ministries, have witnessed the Lord’s blessings in abundance as we have pursued His calling.

We are immensely grateful for the Lord’s guidance and the companionship of our loving congregation, which has made this journey an enriching experience filled with love, hope, and countless blessings.

I invite you to explore our ministries, partake in our worship services, and consider joining us on this beautiful journey of faith, hope, and love. There’s a special place for you here at Great Commission Ministries, and we are excited about the divine encounters and spiritual growth awaiting you.

May the Lord’s peace and blessings be upon you!


In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Derrick Fort