Our Culture & History

Our Culture

At Great Commission Ministries, our culture is deeply rooted in love, worship, and the Word of Truth. From the moment you step onto our premises, you are embraced by a sense of belonging and divine love. Our community is diverse yet united, vibrant yet serene, and always centered around the teachings of Jesus Christ. We strive to create an environment where everyone feels safe, not judged, and is encouraged to grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus Christ through love, worship, and the exploration of His Word. Our worship style is a blend of high praise and intimate worship, creating a habitation for our King of Kings to dwell. Above all, we aim to prepare the hearts of everyone for the spoken word of truth, to foster a genuine connection with the divine, and to help individuals discover a spiritual family within the Great Commission Ministries.

Our History

Our Journey Since 1998

Our story began in 1998, with the unwavering faith and dedication of our Senior Pastors Derrick and Sabrina Fort. The journey commenced in a modest setting known as “The Shed,” a garage that became the birthplace of our cherished community. Responding to God’s call, Pastors Derrick and Sabrina left their careers to nurture the seedling that was Great Commission Ministries. Their vision was clear — to dismantle the walls of racism, to build a multicultural church filled with unity among diversity, and to provide a space where the Word of God is delivered with clarity and accuracy. Over the years, our family has grown exponentially. Our journey saw us transition from “The Shed” to a place where many find spiritual solace, guidance, and a community that echoes the love of Christ. The essence of our beginnings, the spirit of inclusivity, and the aim for spiritual enlightenment continue to be the guiding lights of our ministry. Today, we stand as a testimony to God’s grace, a sanctuary of love, worship, and the preached Word of Truth. Our doors remain open to all, and our hearts are ever eager to welcome new members to our family.