About Great Commission Ministries

Letter From The Pastor

Welcome to Great Commission Ministries, a place of love, worship, and divine fellowship. From our humble beginnings in 1998, we’ve grown into a vibrant and diverse community, united in our love for Jesus Christ and our pursuit of His word and wisdom. I invite you to learn about our culture, explore our history, and consider joining us on this beautiful journey of faith.

Our Culture & History

At Great Commission Ministries, we cherish the love of God and the teachings of Jesus Christ which form the bedrock of our community. Our culture is one of acceptance, where everyone is welcome to find a spiritual home and a family to call their own. We celebrate diversity in unity, cherishing the unique experiences and perspectives that each member brings to our fellowship.

Our Journey Since 1998

Great Commission Ministries commenced its journey of faith and service in 1998, under the devoted leadership of Senior Pastors Derrick and Sabrina Fort. What began as a humble gathering in a garage, fondly referred to as “The Shed,” has blossomed over the decades into a multicultural congregation dedicated to breaking down the walls of racism and fostering a spirit of unity among diversity.

Our pastors, driven by the love of God and the vision He placed in their hearts, relinquished their careers to heed His divine call. Over the years, our family has expanded, and our ministry has been blessed with a multitude of experiences, testimonies, and divine encounters.

Today, Great Commission Ministries stands as a living testament to God’s unfailing grace and the power of faith. The values of love, worship, and the pursuit of Biblical truth continue to be the guiding lights of our ministry, shining bright for all to see and partake in the life-transforming journey that awaits within the fold of Great Commission Ministries.

We warmly invite you to explore our ministries, partake in our events, and consider making Great Commission Ministries your spiritual home.