Our Vision and History


  • To be a ministry that is continuing to experience church growth by the method of harvesting the unchurched by showing love and using various means of outreach ministries.
  • To be an open door ministry of love to one race of people, the human race.
  • To be a ministry that cultivates the believers by challenging their spirits with the Word of God, their minds with encouragement and fellowship, and their bodies (ministry gifts) by involving them in ministry.
  • To be a ministry that offers an atmosphere of high spiritual praise using a variety of music styles.
  • To be a spirit led ministry of relevance and modernism that reaches and meets the needs of the entire family.
  • To be a ministry that develops the leaders of today so that they may train and raise up leaders for tomorrow.
  • To be a mission-minded ministry that serves people locally, nationally and globally by outreach projects, church planting and missionary sponsorships.


The beginning. . . . .
God is constantly moving His people to accomplish His perfect will. Sometimes His ways are subtle and mysterious, but sometimes He moves in such a manner that He leaves no doubt what His specific will is for a particular time and place. Such was the case on January 9, 1998, when a small group of believers came together to find the perfect will of the Lord.

Psalm 27:14 reads: "Wait on the Lord, be of good courage and He shall strengthen thine heart." After a time of prayer the Lord revealed His will for a new ministry to be birthed that would deliver the message of Christ to all people, and so was born Great Commission Ministries. The first service was held on January 18, 1998 at 3372 McKenzie Road, Lake City, S. C. in a small building, that affectionately became known as 'the Shed' (see GCM The Beginning pictures) with about 40 people in attendance, stackable chairs and a portable stereo. The guest speaker was Rev. Monroe Harrell.

Matthew 17:20-21 teaches that faith to move mountains comes forth by fasting and prayer and after much of this God blessed us with the Pastor of His choosing, Rev. Derrick and Sabrina Fort, who began on April 5, 1998. Then just eight short months after the birth of GCM on August 29, 1998, we held the ground breaking for Phase I of our building project at 3503 West Turbeville Highway, Lake City, S. C. After overwhelming support from the entire congregation the first building project was completed and our first services were held in our new facility on April, 1999. From the original group of 21 believers, this ministry has grown to averaging 300. Glory to God for He has richly blessed us in a very short time, however, this is just the beginning. . . . .

God has further blessed our ministry and enabled us in May, 2001 to purchase an additional 76 acres of land. This property joins the original site where our Phase I building stands. The future plans for this property include a drug restoration center, home for unwed mothers, retirement home for the elderly and whatever God leads this ministry to do.

Our most recent project is the birthing of a branch from this vine. We now have a sister ministry in Manning, S. C. The first service was held November 10, 2002. Plans are to raise up workers in this 'branch' to carry on the work of Christ and win many more disciples for His Kingdom.What started with a small group of willing vessels has quickly grown to a ministry with an average of over 300 in Sunday morning worship with various outreaches of the ministry. . . . . . . AND THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!!

And we're still growing in His grace. . . .